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Your exclusive and individual fulfillment concierge service

Farville Consult is a Germany based company that specialized in exclusive and individual property investments for Private and Investment needs, whether you are German citizen or an expatriate residing in Germany, who is interested in purchasing property in England or Portugal.

We have built a network of cooperation partnerships with reputable companies that stems from Estate Agents to surveyor’s, which provides the assurance that the right property is found and surveyed in the correct manner for your individual purposes.

Our intention is to turn your needs and wishes into reality

Farville Consult takes away the difficultly of communication in a foreign country, as well as the organizational stress that could lead you in making an incorrect decision. We aid you in making your wants and needs reality without the burden of stress and uncertainty. For most people, the investment of a second home is one of the largest investments. Farville Consult wants to make this experience a positive one with no regrets of not having not enough time to investigate thoroughly, thus making a wrong decision.

You will observe on our website how we nurture you through the process of finding and sourcing a property, and then the follow-up thereafter ensuring that your requirements are met.

Purchasing property abroad shouldn’t be a seen as a show stopper, we, Farville Consult will accompany you on this venture from day 1 onwards. Farville Consult is here for you and your wants in the property branch within the British Isles and Portugal.

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Farville Consult – gfarrell@farville.de – Skype: farvilleconsult – www.farville.de